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You Working for Money?
Money Working for You?

We Are Living In New Times
With New Challenges

Limited Savings

Savings of around 33% of Indians will exhaust within 5 years of retirement

Many people are utilising their PF/VPF corpus during job change / for other needs

Inflation Eroding Savings

Inflation is eroding our savings faster than ever


What Rs. 100 can buy today will not be the same in the next 10 years

Increased Life Expectancy

Previous generation had to plan for less than 15 years of  the post-retirement phase

Future generation will need to plan for atleast 25 years in the retirement phase​

Live Rich, Retire Richer!

Let your money work as hard as you do

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Key Steps to Achieve Success for You

Need Assessment

Our initial step involves gaining a thorough understanding of your current financial position and your aspirations for the future


Upon securing your approval, we'll put your plan into action, carefully selecting specific investments and managing all the requisite paperwork.

Goal Planning

Post-evaluation of the information you provide, we will formulate a tailored plan, present it to you, and address any inquiries you may have.


Consistently monitoring the progress of your plan, we'll ensure it adheres to the intended course and propose modifications when deemed necessary.

Our Bouquet of Services

Reading Map
Business Meeting
Business Meeting
Men with Calculator
Filling Out Tax Form



Retirement Cashflow Analysis​

Insurance, Investment Review & Optimisation​



Tax Planning​ for Employees & Employers

Why MWealth

Proprietary Tool - Financial Kundli​

Complete Solutions with Insurance & Loans

Goal Based Approach​

Strategizing Entries and Exits with You

Focus on Risk Management​

Relations beyond just Investments

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