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About Us

Our Mission​

We are on a mission to empower 3,333 families and help each acquire wealth, surpassing Rs. 3.33 Cr, by 2033

Our Investment Philosophy​

Four pillars of investments are,
1. Beating Inflation
2. Tax Efficient 
3. High on liquidity 
4. Diversified. 
We prioritize simplicity, consistency and emphasize the importance of independent decision-making over following the herd.

We believe wealth creation and preservation are simple, but not easy and we bring this ease to the table.

Our Vision

To empower every Indian family to generate meaningful wealth! "MWealth"

Our Committment & Values

What we commit
H - Honesty
I -  Integrity
What will our customers experience at all times
P - Patience
A - Assertiveness
C - Customer Centricity
E - Empathy
In totality, it is a "HI PACE" approach.

All Hands In

Genesis of MWealth

We spend about 200 hours a month working for money, But, we don’t spend even an hour a month making money work for us !!!

IRONIC, Right? No wonder, it is a harsh reality for people that they are not able to make money available when they need it the most! The main reason that people are trapped in this negative, vicious cycle of under-preparedness is their shortage of time, owing to their busy lives.


We often allocate time to URGENT things over important things and this is where the negative spiral begins.

To counter under-preparedness, As an organisation, We wish to work with you; so you can allocate time to other important aspects of life, and ensure that money is available when in need.

We understand that the path to financial success is not a ‘one-size-fits-all ‘journey. That is why our approach is investing based on your goals, specializing in achieving a stress-free retirement, so your needs, aspirations, and goals are met, and most importantly, You live a life You love!

Mohan Jayasinh Mariwala


Mohan comes from a promoter family with 100+ years of entrepreneurial legacy and has a deep personal involvement in his ventures. An auto industry veteran, he is the promoter of Auto Hangar.


Himanshu B Kapadia

MD & CEO, Co-Founder

With an expansive 25-year journey marked by diverse expertise, Himanshu B Kapadia, a Mechanical Engineer by Education, has meticulously carved a distinguished career in Financial Services. Following 19 years of honing corporate finesse in Marketing, Sales, and Product Management, he dedicated the subsequent 6 years to cultivating hi pace wealth, his entrepreneurial venture. In doing so, Himanshu artfully combines technical acumen with a profound understanding of the nuances in the lives of corporate employees and business owners, seamlessly integrating these insights into his financial prowess.

A proud alumnus of NMIMS, Mumbai, Himanshu is not just a practitioner but a champion of holistic financial well-being. His accreditation as a Qualified Personal Finance Professional (QPFP) from the esteemed Network of Personal Finance Professionals of India is a testament to his unwavering commitment. Rooted in the principles of Honesty and Integrity, his leadership is characterized by a Passion for making money work, coupled with an Assertive approach to strategic endeavors. Beyond financial success, Himanshu's hi pace approach embodies Customer Centricity and Empathy, aiming for a transformative impact on the lives of clients, ensuring that every endeavor resonates as a resounding success.

Chetan Lade

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Chetan is a brilliant Chartered Accountant with 25+ years of experience. He has been associated with Auto Hangar Group and Mr Mohan Mariwala as Group CFO for over a decade and brings level-headed management and foresight to the team. He also holds the position as Director of Auto Hangar Insurance Brokers Private Limited and is responsible for growing the insurance broking business of the group with his entrepreneurial skills. In his previous endeavors as a finance professional, he has worked with two major retail brands and has been instrumental in strategizing financial growth and return on investments of the companies he has worked with. He has been a levelheaded leader and been instrumental in stabilizing and smoothening operations of companies he has worked with throughout his career.

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