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Our Services

Retirement Planning

  • Calculating Current Networth

  • Calculating Current Inflows (Salary, Rent, Interest etc)

  • Calculating Current Outflows (Expenses; Loans; Investments; Insurance etc)

  • Arriving at Retirement Corpus Needs, Basis Current Expenses

  • Defining Retirement Goal (Intent + Date + Regular Investment Amount)

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Retirement Cashflow Analysis

  • Analysing Current Income; Expenses and Liabilities

  • Assessing Future Income and Expenses

  • Calculating Retirement Corpus, Basis CBased on current Expenses

  • Mapping  the Retirement Goal to Retirement Corpus

  • Creating Plans to Achieve the Goals

  • Establishing Future Loan and Expenses Guidelines

  • Reviewing Plan to Track Progress

Insurance, Investment Review & Optimisation​

  • Analysing Current Insurance – Term, Health

  • Calculating Insurance Need, Basis Income, and Goals

  • Creating a Plan to Protect Loss of Income Due to Death, Disease, Disability, and Disaster

  • Optimising Current Insurance Policies for Higher Risk Coverage with Same Premium

  • Optimising Current Insurance Policies for Same Risk Coverage with Lower Premium

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Loan Optimisation​

  • Analysing Current Loans – Home, Education, Personal

  • Prepay or Continue the Loans

  • Optimising Loans for Lower Rate of Interest

  • Optimising Loans for Reducing EMIs

  • Solutions for Recovering Interest through Investments

Tax Planning​ for Employees & Employers

  • Analysing Present Utilisation of Tax Deductions

  • Guidance on Optimal Utilisation of Tax Deductions

  • Guidance on Selection of Old Tax Regime vs New Tax Regime

  • Tax Deferment Solutions like Business Insurance for Employers

  • Advantages of NPS for Employees as well as Employers

  • Tax Optimisation using Tax Harvesting of Capital Gains / Losses

  • Savings on Capital Gains

  • One Asset (e.g. Real Estate) to Another (e.g. Mutual Funds / Equities)

Filling Out Tax Form

Stage of the Life

Exploring Career Options


  • Defining Career Path

  • Planning for Skill Upgradation & Expenses Involved

  • Defining Goals and Allocating Monthly Inflow as per Financial Road Map

Our Products / Services

  • Financial Road Map

  • Mutual Funds, P2P for Short-Term Needs

  • Term and Health Insurance

  • Mutual Fund SIPs for Long-Term Goals

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